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A Boutique Buying Experience

A “boutique” is a small, specialty shop with products and services geared to very specific needs that often includes customized service. Boutique, says founder Jacob Lavian, is what the Performance Motorcars experience is all about.

Finding the Best from the Start

It starts with the vehicle search, well before any customer comes through the doors. And that pursuit encompasses a process unlike any other.

Since Performance Motorcars debuted in 1986, each and every vehicle on the lot has been hand-picked and test-driven by Jacob. Every car, truck, or SUV has low mileage and is in pristine condition—but that is merely a starting point.

“I look beyond the CARFAX report to find the things it won’t tell you,” Jacob says. “For example, I have a ‘smell test,’ which tells me all sorts of things about the car. Whether the previous owner was a smoker; if there is any evidence of eating or drinking in the car; wear and tear on the seats; if there are holes in the carpet—many different things that tell an experienced car buyer how the car was treated. I even look to see how worn the pedals are. It’s details like these that tell the real story about the quality of any vehicle.”

Buying from the Source

“We buy direct from companies like BMW of America and Mercedes-Benz of America,” Jacob asserts. “We don’t buy online, and we don’t buy from wholesalers. We go directly to the source and again, I personally inspect every vehicle at great length, and make sure each and every vehicle is fully serviced before we offer it for sale.”

It Doesn’t End with the Sale

The Performance Motorcars experience doesn’t conclude at the sale. We offer a comprehensive service department staffed with knowledgeable, certified mechanics, and every customer enjoys free inspections for as long as you own the car, free oil changes every 3,500 miles, free towing up to $40, and online appointment scheduling.

“People come back to us because of the way we treat them after they buy from us,” says Jacob. “It’s the details. If someone finds there’s a problem with the stitching in their upholstery, we fix it—no questions asked. It sounds like a cliché, but many customers have told us that we get their repeat business because we treat them like family.”

That is the essence of the Performance Motors boutique experience.

“If you’re looking for a car, and looking only at the price tag, you may be missing out on some important details that affect the overall value of the vehicle,” says Jacob. “We know our cars and we know our customers. We work hard to provide a boutique buying experience that is tailored to your needs.”

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